Free PDF tools can help people make minor or major changes to their important PDF files so they can be more easily seen or sent. PDF tools online are a useful alternative to buying expensive and complicated PDF editing software that is more geared toward expert PDF users. Someone with no previous PDF experience can use an online tool to help them add new text, change the page order of a document or remove entire pages if necessary. There are many high-quality, PDF drawing marking tools online but the ones here are well-reviewed and have many different offerings.

Opportunities You Can Discover With PDF Tools

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There are various ways that merge PDF online tools can help anyone from college students, and freelance writers to small business owners and corporate finance departments. PDFs are great for gathering and organizing large amounts of data and research. Users on the same project can create their files and add them to a PDF by merging the files or converting their files into PDF.

Collaboration is also a major incentive to use PDFs since they can all be viewed at the same time by other collaborators. The access options to PDFs are greater since not everyone has to have a PDF-specific program to view or make minor changes to a document. All web browsers now include some PDF extensions to give users unfettered access to PDF files.

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The original purpose of the PDF was to enshrine a document in the way it was intended to be viewed by its author, while also making it universally accessible. The aim of the PDF was always to be seen by everyone, which is why everything from the research reports, project proposals, and quarterly earning reports are all made as PDFs.

5 Best PDF Editor Tools

 Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a multi-faceted PDF editing program that lets users edit PDFs online but is also available for download to facilitate offline use. The program gives users several tools to edit PDFs, which include standard ones like adding or removing text, adding or inserting annotations and comments, changing the order of the pages, and merging, splitting, or combining different PDFs into one or many parts.

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Lumin can also connect to your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts so you can save all your documents automatically. Any changes you make to your files will also be saved automatically. You can send PDFs to your friends and colleagues and collaborate with them using the Sync feature, so any changes made to a document will appear in real-time.

 PDF Element

PDF Element comes in two formats – a browser-based, online version and a downloadable, desktop version – and features many standard, advanced but easy-to-use editing tools. The web-based version lets users view, review, scan, and share their PDF files with others, while also letting them add new design elements like text, images, graphs, and other important information.

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The more advanced, and paid, version of PDFElement lets users scan new documents with OCR technology to make them searchable and easier to review. The user interface is meant to be user-friendly and features an easy-to-navigate menu and toolbars. You can choose from the add text boxes icon or use the editing tools like highlighting and striking through to make edits to your document.

 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the premium PDF editing software package available from the format’s creators, Adobe. The program contains some of the most advanced PDF editing tools around from letting users create new fillable types of PDFs to giving them access to cloud saving options on Adobe’s servers, which is not free.

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The program also features automatic conversion for non-PDF file formats and lets users select the individual pages to remove, delete or save to another file. You can also use Adobe for more basic editing features like adding or editing text, inserting new design elements like tables, charts, or graphs, and scanning them so you can change their format or file type.

 Soda PDF

Soda PDF is also a dual-platform, PDF editing program (works both online and offline). It features such tools as converting, merging, splitting, and securing PDF files from an array of different industries. Users can access the online tools via the site’s main browser, where they can drag and drop or open their files directly into the browser.

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The program also lets you secure your important files with password encryption or by adding watermarks to sensitive and confidential files. Soda also lets users upload their documents and attach other types of text from new text boxes, and dialog boxes or by letting users attach images or sign documents with e-signatures.


SmallPDF is an online PDF editing tool that gives users a wide range of PDF tools to help them organize, arrange and save their PDFs. The program works mostly online with the company’s servers saving all uploaded documents, but not forever. All files are erased from the servers every two hours to ensure that all information is kept safe.

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SmallPDF has a free trial period where users can try out the various PDF editing tools like converting, editing, adding text and annotations, or charging the rotation of individual pages. The program also lets users unlock previously locked PDF files in case the owner has lost or forgotten the password.


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