Twitter recently announced the much anticipated Twitter Notes that paves the way for one of the most landmark changes to the Twitter platform since it doubled its character limit in 2017.


Twitter notes allows Twitter users to create and draft long form 2,500 word articles with rich formatting options and the possibility to include media files as well.


This change of direction makes Twitter now more aligned to a blogging platform since Twitter Notes will be very similar to a blogging and publishing tool.

Twitter Write

The composition of the Twitter Note can be done on Twitter Write, a mobile app development composing tool that includes all the elements required to create and publish feature rich Twitter Notes. This new functionality allows Twitter users to share their thoughts, opinions and comments in a more extended manner than previously possible.

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Twitter is today widely used as a medium of expression for a wide array of users from musicians, celebrities and politicians to sports men and women all around the world in multiple languages.


With advances in iOS app development the creation of mobile apps for Apple users has become very much streamlined in order to provide the best user experience.


Since its launch in 2006 Twitter has established an universal appeal for its ability to share an individuals or organizations thoughts, articles, posts and images.

Active Platform


Twitter as of 2019 had over 300 million monthly active users and its Tweets have entered the fabric of mainstream media as well. Tweets are messages of upto 280 characters that can be shared by Twitter users through their own personal accounts.

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Each Twitter user will have Followers and they in turn will be notified when someone who they follow publishes a tweet. You can access Twitter services via a range of smart devices including smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets. Twitter plays an important role in shaping the future of freedom of expression.


In certain countries, the freedom of expression is limited in terms of free speech and platforms such as Twitter  have empowered citizens to speak out and reveal the truth about current affairs.


Such is the global appeal of Twitter, it is possible to easily track and monitor the spread of news stories by analyzing the Twitter  hashtags. Major revolutions have been coordinated on platforms such as Twitter  and this is why it is so popular across the world.

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Twitter  Notes also provides brands a place to talk about their products and services to a captive audience. In a bid to further monetize its product, Twitter  launched Twitter Blue in 2021. This is a subscription service that offers subscribers a range of benefits including the ability to unsend Tweets amongst others.


Twitter continues to be a major player in the digital landscape providing millions of individuals the chance to express their thoughts with like minded others spurring debates, discussions, and reflection.

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