So, we all know the big Rivalry that is West-Side vs East-Side – 2Pac and Biggie both paid the price for being Gangstaz. What you may not know, is that what every great Gangsta Rivalry needs; what sets one G-boy out from the next, is the quality of their hand sign! East-side has their half-ring-finger ‘E’. West-side, their ring-over-index finger ‘W’. Everyone knows this. Everyone respects it. And what every Gangsta is looking for, is the big R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

And this is why any HTMLGangsta wanna-be owes a HUGE Big-Up to Josh Lewis (@joshlewis), for creating the sublime, yet fantastically relevant WebDeveloper Gangsta Sign! All you need do, is pull a victory-v with both hands, and then instead of showing it vertically, do a little horizontal action, and – wallah! – instant respect from web developers everywhere!

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Even more off-the-chain is that if you’re a budding WDG (Web Design Gangsta), all you need do is take a pic of yourself pulling this sign, and upload it to the flickr group Josh has started!

So, what’re you waiting for!? Become a gang member and REPRESENT! View the Gang Member’s so far!

Original article here: Web Developer Gang Sign



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