We all have days when we feel life is unfair and our push for positivity is anything but an easy task. When this happens nothing is more valuable than a few pieces of advice that will turn our situation around. Sometimes, those pieces of advice are hard to come by even though you may have friends that are always there for you. Sometimes, all you need is someone who’s been through what you are going and who can guide you through it.

During these moments what you need is a life coach with a bit of experience. I would dare to say that those days are forever over as life coaching is now a growing industry and in this article, we are going to have a look at an app that is rapidly revolutionizing the life coaching industry.

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Life coaching is so much more than just a few pieces of advice. It’s positivity, guidance, and inspiration all rolled into one. If you think about it, when you’re in a pickle and you don’t know what path to take, what wouldn’t you pay to know the right path from the wrong one?

The life coaching industry is broad and there are a lot of people out there who need guidance. Most of the time they are not able to go to seminars and keynotes where famous life coaches inspire the audience with their experience. What these people need is a way to acquire life coaching no matter where they are. That solution is called KiniChat and is a new way for people to harness the power of life coaching.

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KiniChat is as a new mobile chat app (set for release in September 2017) aimed solely at people who think they can coach or who need coaching in their lives. [pullquote]With KiniChat, people are able to text a question or request help with a problem and get an answer back from a coach right away.[/pullquote] It’s kind of like having a best friend on speed dial.  It is also useful for coaches starting out who don’t really have clients because there is no investment on their behalf.  All monetary transactions are done via the app and there is nothing for either of them to do but talk about the issue.

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On-demand help services have become a vital part of the Internet and this app is certainly going to take a center part in many people’s lives. Using the KiniChat app you will be able to acquire life coaching advice (become a life coach) in areas ranging from addiction, business, fitness to grief, health, and mentoring.

If you continuously find yourself pulled down by negative thoughts, may they be simple or complex ones, there is a great chance you could solve your idleness by pushing your life forward using life coaching. Negative thoughts have been proven to keep people from exceeding in life and that’s what life coaching is all about. Rid yourself of the negative baggage and live freely in the abundance of positivity that a forward-moving life entails.

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There are, of course, problems that can not be solved with life coaching. These problems need professional help and should not be taken lightly. KiniChat is for people who are stuck in simple patterns of negativity that keep them from taking the next step. Apply to be a coach or to use the service over at the KiniChat website.

Proactive as we all are, negativity can be a real procrastinator. Have a look at the infographic below (created by Happify) and learn the ability to overlook negative and get rid of the thoughts that are keeping you from achieving what you dream of.

Using Life Coaching To Overcome Negative Thoughts

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READ MORE:  How The Cannabis Industry Is Becoming More Popular In The Fitness Scene




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